Wedding photography is a lot of work. There's the planning, the organization, and more than likely there will be other photographers in attendance at your wedding as well. Can one person possibly handle all that? The answer is simple: You may want to hire a a second shooter! A second shooter allows you to get more angles of all those special moments.

What is the role of a second shooter at a wedding?

A second shooter is a wedding photographer's best friend. He or she will help you capture moments you may not be able to, and create a cohesive set of images that tell your story. The role of the second shooter is to help capture moments when your lead photographer is busy elsewhere and capturing other angles which can offer a more candid feel to images.

What is the role of a second shooter at a wedding?

How much you should budget for a second shooter?

It is important to budget for a second shooter. The average cost of a second photographer at an event near Knoxville, TN is $600, but this can range anywhere between $100 and $1,000 depending on your needs. If you have an idea of what the day will look like, then it’s easier to estimate how much time each photographer should spend with each couple. For example: If there are two locations that need coverage throughout the day and both couples are happy with photos taken from those locations (and don't want any other shots), then one photographer will do just fine! If however you want more coverage at both locations or if you are running on a short timeline, then hiring multiple photographers can be very beneficial because they can cover all events simultaneously!

Things to Consider: Bridal prep and groom prep locations

You may want to consider having a second shooter at the ceremony, reception and bridal prep locations. This will be helpful if your photographer is with you while you are getting ready, your second shooter will be able to capture the groom getting ready and other details of your special day. Multiple locations will need more coverage. For example, if you and your fiancé are getting ready at different locations, you may want to consider hiring another photographer. 

What are the things to look for in a second photographer?

A good second shooter should be able to work independently, which is important when you're on a tight schedule. They should also be able to work well with other vendors and your Lead Photographer, whether that's in relation to the timeline for the day or how much time each person has for photography. If you're hiring a second photographer, it's important that they understand what their role will be on the day of your wedding. This can vary from working alongside other photographers while they take care of things like portraits and ceremony shots, or more directly assisting with set-up and tear down (or both!). You'll ultimately need to decide if having two photographers is right for your style—but make sure that whatever decision you make covers all bases!

I have a list of fantastic Photographers in the Knoxville area that I have worked with. A second shooter is an extension of me. I want the photographer to be able to match my brand and vision when it comes to photography coverage.

How do I find and hire a second shooter?

I hire my second shooter based on experience and personality. I have worked with a lot of photographers who have similar gear, so they know what I am looking for in a second shooter. Leading up to your wedding day, we will all jump on a call so you can have full confidence in your team of photographers on your wedding day. After all, your focus should be on your fiancé!!

Should you have a second shooter at your wedding?

A second photographer can really help capture all those moments that happen when your main photographer, is busy elsewhere!

Having a second photographer can really help capture all those moments that happen when I am busy elsewhere or capturing another angle. A second shooter can generally be hired for specific shots like “the groom and his best man walking down the aisle” or “the bride walking towards her husband-to-be.” They also help you with specific post-production tasks after your wedding day has come and gone.


A second photographer can really help capture all those moments of your special day from multiple angles! They’ll have a chance to see things from a different perspective and get more candid shots. Plus, they’ll be able to take care of any issues that arise on set so that everything runs smoothly for everyone involved!